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Acme (Greek: the peak, zenith, prime) - the productive peak in a creative carrier; the highest level or degree attainable; the highest stage of development - occurs around the age of 40. As was found by Beard (1874) who studied the biographies of more than a thousand eminent persons, 70 percent of the world's best work is accomplished by persons under 45 years of age and 80 percent of it by those under 50. The absolute peak period of a career seems to fall between 30 and 45, though the half-decade from 35 to 40 is more productive than that from 40 to 45. This findings were corroborated by latter researchers (Lehman, 1953; Dennis, 1966; Cole, 1979, Zusne, 1976; Simonton, 1977; Zuckerman, 1977). About half of all enduring contributions to world culture are produced by creators who are 40 years old or younger. The probability of conceiving creative products tends to diminish as the creator passes the peak productive age of around 40.

Cf. floruit.

Acme. Dictionary of Creativity: Terms, Concepts, Theories & Findings in Creativity Research / Compiled and edited by Eugene Gorny., 2007.
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