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This dictionary represents an attempt to summarize the major state-of-the-art achievements and discoveries in creativity research. Although a project of this kind cannot stand as independent research, it's rather a compilation of results from different researchers, it nevertheless might still have a certain value. This value is established by the fact that knowledge, previously distributed across the voluminous set of literature, has been brought together in one single text in a compact form. No similar project in this domain, to the best of my knowledge, currently exists on the Internet.

I hope that this dictionary will be of help to all those interested in the study of the nature of creativity.

This dictionary is a by-product of my PhD Thesis, 'A Creative History of the Russian Internet' (Goldsmith College, University of London, 2006). It is based on quotations and notes collected at an early stage of my work when I was preparing a literary review on creativity theories. Only a fraction of this material was used in the final version of the thesis and I thought that this material, in itself, could be of value so I arranged it as a dictionary.

I broke the text into entries, arranged in alphabetical order, and linked the entries with cross-references. This facilitated the work with the material and made explicit the correlations between various concepts and approaches.

This dictionary would not be possible without the mass of publications and all the efforts of researchers in the field of creativity research. I am thankful to all people whose ideas and findings were used in this dictionary. I am particularly thankful to Dean Keith Simonton whose works shaped my own thinking about creativity and established the basis for many entries in this dictionary. I am also grateful to James Allan for his proof-reading and valuable comments concerning style, and to George Zherdev for the design and programming of this online version.

I imply the following copyright policy regarding this text: you can use any part of this text as long as this does not violate rights of the authors and researchers mentioned in this dictionary. If you use any part of this text, I would also be grateful if you mention my name as the compiler and editor.

I hope that this dictionary will stimulate the readers' interest, and will encourage further work in this direction. It would be wonderful if this dictionary becomes a 'crystallizing point' for a possible collaboration project - e.g., the creation of a Crea-pedia.

Eugene Gorny,
12 October 2007

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