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[Forms of creative behaviour]
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Forms of creative behaviour

Policastro and Gardner distinguished between five forms of creative behaviour according to the type of goal: 1) solution of a problem (or a discovery), 2) theory building (constructing a set of concepts that account for existing data and organize them in a way that sheds light on - and points to new directions in - a given domain), 3) creating permanent works in a symbolic system (for example, works of art), 4) performance of a ritualized work (interpretation of a work such as a symphony or a ballet), and 5) high-stake performance (for example, political activism, military engagement, athletic contests, and presidential debates). They point out that "each of these creative forms has particular strong (also not exclusive) associations with specific domains and disciplines. One expects more often to find scientists engaged in problem solving and theory building; writers, painters, composers, and inventors engaged in creating permanent works; dancers and actors involved in stylistic performances; and political leaders engaged in high-stake performances" (Policastro and Gardner 1999: 221).

Forms of creative behaviour. Dictionary of Creativity: Terms, Concepts, Theories & Findings in Creativity Research / Compiled and edited by Eugene Gorny., 2007.
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